screen printing

i found the whole process of screen printing to be quite fun, in fact id say its one of my favorite type of art. i will definitely use this process again!!!





relief printing!

relief printing is actually quite interesting, i have never used this sort of process before really.


i found experimenting with turning my cover into a bitmap quite fun. messing around with the frequency, angle and shape you can create some interesting pieces of work.

my front cover

it took some time to decide on what cover would be best, with a few trails and errors i finally created a cover. it was quite easy to create and the cover itself is quite simple but i am very pleased with it.


the world in reverse

when given the brief for this module i started to create mind maps of my ideas. i first looked at compound words for my book title. messing around, trying to see what compound word i could make literal. i’m really excited to see what work i’m going to produce.

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