my final sculptures

here is the final outcome of this project. a lot of hard work and dedication went into making these. i am very pleased with this outcome because i have never done anything like this before so it was all new to me. it was an amazing experience and something id like to look back on in the future for inspiration. it was set as a challenge in my eyes, and that is what makes me excited to create the art work itself.


my second sculpture

for this piece i also decided to make it a wooden sculpture, but with a twist. i had made the piece the size of my exhibition space, so obviously it was asuclpture-2 little bit bigger compared to my first one. but with this one, instead of attaching it together with string i used a glue gun. and i also made the effect that something was dripping out of it and that it had been stitched up. wanted to make this piece quite morbid to represent the feeling and behaviour of my home life and how it effects me.

my first wooden sculpture

with making this sculpture i had a lot of fun surprisingly. i sketched out what i wanted to be cut on the band saw. then after i did Thsculpture-1at i drilled holes in the piece so i could sew it back up with string. but before i did that i made sure the wood was sanded down so it was nicer and smooth. after i sew the wood back up i then proceeded to paint it. i used dark colours to create the dark yet surreal meaning behind the piece.

perspective drawing

now during this week we had to create a perspective drawing from our installation. i found this piece very difficult and frustrating. only because of getting the measurements right, like i would measure something out and then draw it, only to find out i have the measurements completely wrong. so i would then have to start over again. it was an experience that i would not want to take part of again, but i have learned from that lecture. i have learned that perspective is very important when it comes to drawing, well only if you want it to look realistic.

the installation from week three

after we made the map, we torn it up and moved it to one side in the room. we then drilled holes into the walls and on this white bench. and we worked in pairs to attach string to these hooks and then proceeded to attach bits and bobs to the string. we also made objects to put onto the string. me and my partner honor took slabs of wood and attached tooth pics to the wood using a glue gun. we made the mini sculptures so the looked like a hazard to create the effect on the journey from K block to halls. we also added bits of rubbish that we found on the floor by where we live. it was a nice experiment and i had a lot of fun!

what we also did during week 3

After we created the drawings with holding the pencil in different ways, we had to take them down and create a psychogeographical map of the campus. We had to create our journey from how we get to the art building. So me and two other people created the journey from halls to K block. We also had to pick up bits and bobs that we found on the floor as we made our way to the building. With those bits of rubbish, we stuck them onto the map and we also used some sort of ink to draw the shadows of these objects. it was really an incredible experience, re creating a 3D map of the campus itself is something that I would do again for future projects.

Drawing week 3

During the first lecture we had 8 pieces of A1 paper each. We stuck the paper to the wall using masking tape. We was told to draw our bodies but for each part of the body we had to hold the pencil In different ways. Like when drawing the face we taped a pencil to our chin and talked to the paper. And with the outcome of this it still could not look like a human figure. And this  was the outcome.  I am actually quite pleased with this, I found this session quite therapeutic.

The workshop

During the second week we had to use the majority of the tools and machines in the workshop. Just to get a understanding on how to use them. I found this week very helpful and a great experience. I have learned so many new things and new ways to express myself within art.

life drawing, the first week

My first week on life drawing

Primary research continuous line drawing by myself 

I have done life drawing in the past but it was not as intense as it was during my first week. I have never participated in 6-hour life drawing sessions. I have only done 2 and half hours at most. On the first day I found it quite difficult as we went really into detail on just the outline drawing of the model but, we were taught how to measure the size of the model by using a pencil. As the week went by we had done more exciting and different things for example, we had to create a continuous line drawing and I decided to create it with using a biro pen which was quite difficult. But as I love using biro pen and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

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