second painting

this is my final painting! it looks a lot better on a photograph. i wanted to experiment with the blending of colours and the use of colourful greys for the lighter shades in this painting. and i also painted on the green using a palette knife which was quite fun! there is so much you can do with oil paint and i am annoyed that i only found all this out now! i will definatley be using oil paint again!



the first painting

unfortunately i was only able to create a painting out of the transparent swatches. but it was quite exhausting with creating this painting. as my hand was killing me from scraping all the paint off the wooden board. but i am really really happy with the outcome of this painting!! first-painting

transparent paint swatches

with the transparent colours i used a palette knife to scrape paint onto paper and then take as much of the paint off as i could, therefore it leaves a stain with making the colours look transparent. this process i found quite fun but my hand was killing me at the end. transparent-colours

colourful greys paint swatches

now here is where the fun began within my painting lectures. i had to create colourful greys without using black. carol my lecturer made it look simple, but i found it very difficult and frustrating. but i still gave it my all.


the 3rd sculpture!

with the brain coral i did not want to paint it the same usual colours and unique pattern that they have. no i am going to use what we did in my painting lecture and take a part of an artists painting and use that for the design of this piece. here is the outcome and to be quite honest it is bland but i am very happy with what i have created.

unfortunately i was not able to get a photograph of my third sculpture.

development of the first two sculptures

with making these two sculptures i found it to be quite basic and they was not ambiguous enough for me. so instead off leaving the middle with just red paint, i managed to get a hold of re sand that looked like tiny crystals. so i thought it would be perfect for these sculptures.

experimenting with oil paint


during this lecture we was given a load of paintings by different artists. and we had to paint different sections of four different paintings. i found this session quite interesting as this was my first time uaint!! specially the way you can blend colours together is truly spectacular!

planning my ceramic sculptures

within ceramics we have to create 3 sculptures that have ambiguous forms. i have created a mind map with what i should do, and i have come up with the idea of making natural objects. i want to create two geodes and one brain coral. ceramicsss

Experimenting with clay

during this lecture we learned so many techniques when using clay such as softening, slip, texture, dryness, brittleness, rolling, pinching, and coiling.

during my first lecture we practised using different techniques, i made 5 machetes. using the coil, slab and throwing technique.

here are the machetes i made, i am quite happy with the results as it was only an experiment id quite like to keep them.


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