my final pieces all together

this module was definitely one to remember as I’ve never really been so pleased with my art before! the freedom was great but also quite stressful at times. but i cannot wait to have another module where we have complete freedom to do what we want!


the process of displaying the jars

i found it to be quite a challenge on thinking what would be the best way to display the jars, so i was experimenting a little with the jars. thinking about if i should stack them, putting some jars on top of each other, just lining them up on a table? displaying them on a shelf?

i eventually came up with what i thought was a really cool idea. now i have ten jars in total, so i decided to line up five of my jars onto a shelf and them attach the other five underneath the shelf by screwing the lids onto the bottom of it. i was quite surprised on how good it actually looked because i didn’t think it would actually work. i thought they’d end up falling and smashing onto the floor but the shelf is quite sturdy. even if they did fall and smashed onto the floor it would still look good!!

the jars

here is my third final piece. i have experimented in many ways on how to display them and i will line them up on two shelves. i found collecting the jars rather difficult, as no one in my family had any spare. so it took quite a while to collect them. but i found it quite fun as well. with collecting things to put inside them and then id have funny looks of people and they would ask me why i was collecting tree bark and cigarettes ect…..

Bryan Lewis Saunders


(i did not make this, i found it on the internet)

Bryan Lewis Saunders likes to take drugs, both legal and illegal and then create portraits of himself. the results are strikingly different from drug to drug, and vary from beautiful to grotesque, abstract and just plain bizarre. he is an artist in his mid 40s from virginia, now living in tennessee. saunders has completed more than 9,930 self-portraits to date but not all under the influence of drugs.

car love

i decided to call this piece ‘car love’ this piece took me quite a while as my laptop kept on shutting down. but i found the process quite easy but it was time consuming! 18424714_1933744126910139_2126983836_n



i decided to call this piece ‘fury’. i also manipulated the original photograph on photoshop. and placed ears and a tail onto the image. i then messed around with the adjustments and cane up with these images. i am most pleased with the outcome of this piece! it is my favourite!!!

eating fags

here is my first final piece that i have called “eating fags’ i manipulated the original photograph on photoshop. i replaced chips with cigarettes and then messed around with the adjustments. i was really pleased with the outcome of this piece!


Rachel Maclean

Rachel Maclean is a multi media artist. she was born in 1987 in Edinburgh. she mainly uses film, photography ad editing software such as photoshop. with her work she mainly focuses on politics, society and identity. with her films, Maclean takes on every role in her films herself, wearing colourful costumes and make up. she also borrows audio from television and cinema ton construct narratives with a comedic touch.

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