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During the second week we had to use the majority of the tools and machines in the workshop. Just to get a understanding on how to use them. I found this week very helpful and a great experience. I have learned so many new things and new ways to express myself within art.

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during today I had a discussion with my lecturer and decided to change the setup of my work as the work of another students next to mine had been moved somewhere else so i needed to fill the whole wall. here is the outcome…….


we decided to use my interior paintings as sort of a rating to each serial killer, so the more paintings they have underneath them the worse they are with the crimes they actually committed. I am not too sure about this display and i do not know if i like it, but hopefully my mind will be changed on the evening of the exhibition.


Here is all my work put up and displayed in Craw-shay Gallery. This module was such a great experience for me, it has definitely helped me expand as an artist. My work will forever focus on the Gothic and the macabre, to disturb not to please…



Here are a few experiments of my portraits. I did not want to display these portraits as it wouldn’t fit well with my final pieces. But I don’t see these as failed experiments, it just shows my progress with painting, what works well and what doesn’t work well.


so in the first image, is me planning ideas with how i wanted to display it. and in the second image is the final idea.

i wanted to be very careful and take my time when it came to decided on how to display my work, but i think the final idea will compliment my work very well.


Here are all the final exterior portraits i have created of the four serial killers i have chosen…..

Now i know they all kind of look different with the technique of the painting, but it shows my progression with painting because before this module i had never painted a single portrait before. And i am really pleased with all of these, i know have confidence when it comes to painting!!


here are the basic designs i have for my interior portraits of the serial killers. i want them to all be similar because these designs represent minds of serial killers, which are all quite disturbing. i will be mainly using Indian ink for these portraits because the colour of the ink i think will be very effective and messy.


So at first i wanted to put infamous people faces onto well known powerful figures, statues and paintings. But then i had the idea to put their faces onto religious figures. But…. then i decided to scrap all of those ideas and just decided to create portraits of the interior and exterior view of serial killers…

This year for my art history essay i have been focusing on the Gothic and transgression, so this have me the idea for my self directed to create these portraits. To see how far i can go with what i can display, to transgress……


So today just consisted of the 2nd year students finishing off their proposals and handing them into Tiff. there was not really much for me to do but i still made myself useful by offering my help to the students with reading through their work.

This whole experience was amazing! the students were great, everything was just such an amazing experience to have. I would most definitely like to do more placements within an art department of a college because the experience is very rewarding.


For my final placement day in USW i decided to host a performance art workshop. firstly, i showed the students a presentation about what performance art is and artists who have created performance art to inspire them.

The students decided they wanted to play Russian roulette with a cardboard gun. they created a set and costumes for the first half. then in the second half they preformed their performance art.

This workshop was by far the best, the students really enjoyed themselves and so did I. I would love to do something like this again in the future, as i have not had that much experience with performance art it was new to me and really fun.

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