The workshop

During the second week we had to use the majority of the tools and machines in the workshop. Just to get a understanding on how to use them. I found this week very helpful and a great experience. I have learned so many new things and new ways to express myself within art.

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Most of the work i made within the skills lectures are in my journal. But i was unable to document two images from two processes, i decided to document them on here.

So the first image is of my dry point with perspex, unfortunately i was unable to make any prints with it.


the second image is what i prepared for my screen print, again i was unable to create any prints from it. 26782173_2057547997863084_1469284241_o



Analyze the context of display



This is an oil painting purchased by Cardiff Museum in 1988.  This is the earliest painting of Welshman Phillip Proger at the Tudor and Stuart courts. These more traditional paintings inspired me to create a more modern versions within my typology as i was researching  modern memes.

The presentation of this work is outstanding,you would not think anything less from the Museum. I originally wanted to frame my memes to make them look like traditional paintings, but obviously i expanded with my ideas with a more modern way of displaying. So you could say that my work is Kitsch but also fits in with the Avant-Garde. That is why i used both of the terms within my prints.



When we went to Cardiff Museum we had to analyze the context of display of the work that we could relate to ours or be inspired by. I was inspired by the traditional portrait and landscape paintings. As i went through the process of creating my my work i wanted to include some ‘art memes’ that is why i put the art movements (Kitsch and Avant-Garde) within my final prints.




My final piece

After Christmas break i found myself with a limited amount of time to get everything in together within my cabinet. As you can see i still spent many hours completing it. I did have a few difficulties with the drill and finding certain materials but i managed to pull it off and finished off today. I am quite pleased with the final outcome but i did feel that i was limited with my imagination. But overall i feel my piece still sends a powerful message with why people create memes.



Now i wanted to experiment with a different image for donald trump on photoshop and here is what i created.


Avant-Garde for president

now as the printer i am currently using at home is not so great it took me quite a while to find good prints for this design. but i am extremely happy with the outcome! unfortunately i did not get to include printmaking into this design.



more experimenting

now because of my idea to create a miniature wall covered in my propaganda posters i tried to scan my kitsch designs into my printer and print them out so they would be smaller, but unfortunately my printer didn’t bring out the colours so well. so i messed about on Photoshop and created these.



now after spending some time to think over on display and how i want my work to be presented, i have decided to turn my designs/prints into propaganda posters. Here is what i experimented with in printmaking. Here are just a few prints i experimented with water based ink. i will now take these designs into photoshop and do some more experimenting.


Artist who has inspired me…

Matt Furie

this artist was the one who originally created pepe the frog in a comic called ‘the boys club’.¬† This artists work was later turned into memes. Furies work has inspired me to turn Donald Trump into pepe the frog and create my own memes.51QZDusWjFL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_



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