The workshop

During the second week we had to use the majority of the tools and machines in the workshop. Just to get a understanding on how to use them. I found this week very helpful and a great experience. I have learned so many new things and new ways to express myself within art.

Featured post


So i have created a metaphorical tree on anxiety. the roots represent the cause of the anxiety. the tree base represents the anxiety itself and the branches are what the anxiety manifests into. so everything that i have placed or created to go with this tree has a meaning behind it. the reason why i used paper from magazines is because it represents people insecurities. the tic tacs represent medication and that people rely on medication to feel better. the cigarette butts represent my self and what i do when i have an anxiety attack. the notes are peoples wishes and i tea stained them because anxiety is and aged old problem and i burnt the edges because its their wishes burning away as they most likely wont overcome their anxiety’s. My group project didn’t really inspire we to create this response neither did anyone Else’s. everything went really well with creating this installation, every time i experimented with a method it worked really well so i stuck with it. But if i had more time i would have probably added some more stuff to the wall and possibly the floor.


Today i finished the roots and created some sort of puddles leaking from the roots with a magazine. I have also added leave on the floor because i felt like it needed a bit more. what this all represents is all mainly in my sketchbook.22812916_2020085678275983_1379302278_o

The roots

So with the roots i decided to make them out of fashion magazines. the roots represent the root cause of the anxiety but the magazine papers represent peoples insecurity’s.

This process took me a lot longer than expected, even longer than putting up the tree.

What i decided to place onto the tree

so i decided to add tic tacs and make them look like berries but what the really represent is medication. And the meaning behind it is that people rely on medication to make them feel better rather than trying to overcome it themselves. I also added cigarette butts to represent my self and what i do when i have an anxiety attack. I also wanted it to look like a wishing tree so i added pieces of paper that had peoples wishes on them that was based on anxiety. i tea stained the paper for it to represent that anxiety is an aged old problem. I also burnt the edges of the paper for it to represent that their wishes are burning away.

How i made my tree

So as i was given a load of tree branches i decided i wanted my tree to be slightly attached to the wall. So i mainly used nails and a hammer and also some wire and elastic. It was really an easy process, even though i was dreading on how long it would take me!



for the response i have decided to base my installation piece i have decided to base mine on anxiety. So i am planning on making a metaphorical tree based on anxiety.


The group project was a really great experience for me as we worked really well and helped each other out with everything. We all had the same mind set when it came to ideas and we never had any disagreements thankfully!



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